Tag Heuer Watches: Reviews on Monaco Calibre 11 Watches

replica tag heuer monaco
replica tag heuer monaco

On March 3, 1969, Tag Heuer in Geneva and New York issued a Monaco series watch at the same time, became the first square waterproof automatic timing clock in the history of Swiss watch. This series of watches was named by jack tag heuer in Monaco grand prix (still is the partner of the brand), and it boldly applied the square casing, metallic blue dial, lux minutes pointer, arched crystal glass wtch mirror, and what is the most notable is the watch crown that is located in the left side (means no manual chain at the time), which broke the traditional watch design aesthetic principle.

Tag Heuer with the innovative technology, for the first time for square watches provided the perfect waterproof performance. The root of the Revolutionary breakthrough, however, was hidden in the case: the famous Calibre 11 timing movement, watchmaking history’s first automatic timing chain movement. In 1970, the Swiss motorsport legend Jo Siffert became the first driver sponsored by wrist watch brand. Tag heuer Monaco series wrist watch was worn in Jo Siffert wrist, then appeared in the world for the first time. The following year, Steve McQueen worn this watch when the le mans McQueen was taken and blue tag heuer Monaco watch won the attention of the whole Car industry. Identification of the watch is very high and it was often extremely complex, “McQueen Monaco” (1133 b) has become a legend of auction and collectors.

Tag Heuer Monaco series Calibre 11 timing clock 2015 edition was made by the original 1969 version watch. Size is of 39 mm x 39 mm, the watch crown was set on the left side, on the metallic blue dial there are two time silver plates, inclined pipe calendar window at 6 o ‘clock position, with polishing level carving surface time scale, embossing vintage Heuer logo, waterproof depth is of 100 meters, which is a sign of Monaco series features.

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Swiss Watches: Reviews on Tag Heuer Monaco Calibre 12 & Monaco 24 Calibre 36 Watches

replica tag heuer monaco
replica tag heuer monaco

At the direction of the face plate of this Tag Heuer Monaco watch there engraved with the Monaco word and tag heuer logo, especially the black face plate is bright and attractive, and the seconds hand needlepoint of the timer is decorated with a ray of orange, which makes the overall design is more vivid. The inspiration of the black leather punch strap design comes from the car steering wheel cover, and matched by the orange stitching, lively and fantastically. As the first all black Monaco watch since 1974, Monaco Calibre 12 chronograph will no doubt be history’s most sexy timing symbol.

Face plate of this Tag Heuer Monaco USES black double window transparent design, on 12 o ‘clock position, the oversized “24” is particularly conspicuous, as if showing the honor to the world’s most famous endurance contest – le mans 24 hours. Within the stainless steel watch case, the Calibre 36 movement vibrates at the incredible speed of 36000 times per hour (equivalent to the frequency of five Hertz). Through the sapphire crystal bottom cover, the unique pendulum with the COSC attestation movement can be appreciated clearly. A “suspension” is hanging in the watch case through four suspension arms to provide the most reliable protection for movement. They are responsible for collecting the vibration, so that the movement is not affected by vibration, and import it into composite filter, and the latter will shock to absorb and decompose.

The design structure of the Monaco 24 is award-winning, and the unique urinary cylinder design and high shock parts are directly originated from F1 technical design inspiration. The Monaco Calibre 12 & Monaco 24 Calibre 36 watch combine the cutting-edge technology, rugged design and Monaco racing spirit into an organic whole, at the same time also highlights the unparalleled tough demeanor of Steve McQueen.

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Panerai Radiomir Watch Collection Review

panerai replica swiss movement
panerai replica swiss movement

In 1916, Panerai registered patent for the RADIOMIR. The Radiomir created by the Panerai is a kind of luminescence material with radium, which is used for the instruments and dial luminous paint. In 1936, Panerai developed the first trial work of “Radiomir” watches, which was used by the Frogloks forces of the headquarters in the first diving forces of the Italian royal navy.

In 1949, Radiomir was placed by Luminor instead. Luminor can shine itself, and this tritium compounds on January 11, 1949 was registered patents, and the registered trademark was “Luminor”. The half-life period of the Tritium is 12.5 years, that is to say, the useful life of the noctilucent made by tritium is about more than ten years.

Luminous automatic mechanical watches – Ball and Gas Light

The gas lamp technology patent is the same with Panerai Radiomir British patent, which originally was aimed to design for weapon. In this patent there designed the structure of the luminous body, and the Mineral glass tube coated with the Phosphorus phosphor material inwall was filling the gas tritium, and the tritium and phosphorescent material reacted to form cold light source, namely tritium trachea. There are two normal tritium trachea manufacturers in the world today: Swiss MB – microtec and the Canada SRB, the former invented this technology in the 1980s, which is also the Tritium trachea manufacturer of the BallWatch.

According to the official description of BALL WATCH, this kind of gas lamp luminous technology can provide high-quality and long-lasting brightness, whose brightness is 100 times that of the existing luminous coating, and can continue to shine up to 25 years.

Noctilucent function is also one of the biggest selling point for the watch, in the increasingly improved watch technology, noctilucent function is far more than the techniques mentioned above. Noctilucent function is very important to watch, especially for those flight watches or nautical watches, etc.

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Swiss Watches: Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Reviews

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fake rolexes for sale

The Daytona International Speedway in Daytona city of Florida in America is one of the most famous Speedway today in the world, and games were held here including Rolex 24 at Daytona Rolex sports car series, the Daytona 500 game of the NASCAR and other games held by U.S. motorcycle association. The speedway was constructed in 1957 and two years later Daytona 500 cars race held here.

Since 1959, the Rolex brand began to cooperate with Daytona International Speedway, and the Rolex Oyster Daytona Chronograph launched in the year of 1963 was in the name of this speedway to open the two complementary precision high-speed legendary of half a century. Over half a century, Rolex Daytona chronograph with reliable and outstanding performance, and the eager pursuit of speed, and the love of motorsport, has laid the ground for racing world brilliant achievement, and even stepped into the classic watches list, and now has become classic and popular chronograph in the world and enjoys high reputation.

Daytona creates a chronograph miracle for half a century

Rolex started to launch its Chronograph series in 1937, which used the Valjoux movement, but at that time and the next several decades, it did not cause much attention, and the sales was also only mediocre. In 1963, the Rolex updated and renamed its chronograph as Cosmograph oyster Daytona ( (Ref. 6239, using Valjoux 72 movement), and the biggest difference of its appearance is printing the speed meter (tachymeter) directly in the outer watch bezel, rather than on the traditional dial.

Because the Cosmograph brings together various performance of modern professional sport watches, including oyster waterproof design, Unibody mechanical movement chronograph, oyster folding buckle strap, and the watch bezel design that can instantly know the average lap speed, so it is quickly becoming popular among the racing drivers.

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Tag Heuer Watches: Reviews on Tag Heuer CV5110 FC6310 and CV5111.FC6335

At the end of 2013, following the style of the watch designed by Mr Jack Heuer last year for the 80th anniversary, the TAG Heuer TAG Heuer specially launched two Carrera Calibre 17 flagship store of qualified wrist, with the reliability of the Chronograph movement identified by the observatory, to present new holiday surprise for the Tag Heuer brand lovers, even though you are a fan of rolex daytona replica watches.

Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 17 flagship store limited wrist watch (Ref: CV5110 FC6310)

Tag Heuer Carrera series is one of many iconic watch series created by the Honorary President of the brand Mr Jack tag heuer. Last year in order to celebrate his 80th birthday, he was extracted from the original design inspiration, made a Carrera Calibre 17 jack heuer 80 anniversary timing Chronograph. Now, in order to salute to the hero of Tag Heuer brand, Tag Heuer brings a memorable new tag heuer special Carrera Calibre 17 flagship store limited watch, which only in the tag heuer flagship store is available.

Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 17 flagship store limited wrist watch (Ref: CV5111.FC6335)

This Tag Heuer watch has two different Vintage dial designs, among which one is the carbon grey big dial with silver small dial, black perforated leather strap with red inside, which is restraining and elegant; The other one is the silver big dial with dark blue small dial, matching with blue perforated leather strap to look understated and elegant. The stainless steel polishing watch case of 41 mm diameter is matching with the double anti-dazzle processing arc resistant sapphire crystal mirror, and equipped with polishing bezel, crown, and button.

These two watches are carrying observatory certification timing movement with the waterproof of 100 meters, which not only enriched the Carrera Calibre 17 chronograph series, but also brought a great festival gift for the Tag Heuer brand fans. Also check rolex day date replica watches for more deals.

Swiss Watches: How to Choose Watches from Breguet and Patek Philippe

best replica watches
best replica watches

Breguet time indexes—graceful and practical

Arabic numbers are the most common thing in this world as it is more cognizable, and the among those Arabic time indexes, Breguet is most renown. Thin, clear, grace features Breguet time indexes. Those numbers reflects Breguet’s style and thus people named them after this great man. So many Breguet watches has Breguet time indexes on those watches. Although Breguet is not a calligrapher, its design really useful and graceful as well. It has to be admitted that there are still a lot recognizable features, such as Breguet hands, hidden signature. Those classics are inherited and continues generations after generations. It has such an deep influence that you can see it on other watches, such as Patek Philippe.

Patek Philippe Ref.5207

In 2008, Patek Philippe Ref.5207, which also has three complicated functions, come to exist, but Patek Philippe changed the way it display date. The movement on the Ref.5207 as changed upon the RTO 27 PS QR. In 2011, Patek updated 5016 and promoted 5216 whose size reaches 39.5 mm. in 2013, the platinum 5216p-001 with black-painted dial was produced.

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Rolex Watches: How to Choose Rolex Watch as Gifts?

rolex presidential day date replica
rolex presidential day date replica

REPLICA ROLEX watch is becoming more and more popular nowadays as a gift for friends or family members. Packing of gifts is done in different manners according to tradition and culture. In British culture, the gift is packed in a wrapping paper and a gift note is attached to it whereas in Chinese culture, the gift is packed in a red wrapper assuming to bring some luck. Christmas, New Year, birthday, anniversary are some of the occasions where sharing gifts between near and dear ones takes place.

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Rolex replica watches can be purchased online also where there are innumerable collections to choose from. A perfect design among the collections available can be gifted to the loved ones adding to joy and happiness. Swiss Replica Rolex is a very special gift and giving such items to loved ones will cherish the gift throughout lifetime. It is also possible that the loved ones are taken to outlets selling rolex watches replica and hence provide an opportunity to select a gift on own choice. Sometimes people do not take the loved ones to buy gifts fearing that they will select more expensive items. The advantage of buying these items is that they are cost effective and affordable.

Before you make a purchase on any website, it is necessary to read the terms and conditions under which the transaction is conducted. Reading this will give us more information about what to expect from the website in terms of services. These terms and conditions are actually contractual terms which you have to abide by if you are transacting on a particular website.

Swiss Watches: IWC Aquatimer Reviews

replica watches online
replica watches online

In 1997, the IWC introduced a GST movement wrist watch series, the series has quickly become the trademark of solid and reliable wrist watch for everyday wear. In 1999, the IWC launched a Deep diving watches number One (GST Deep One) with its engineers spirit of invention and creation. This eye-catching watch is equipped with titanium metal casing, and it is the first wrist watch equipped with Mechanical depth gauge among IWC various series. Scuba diving in the Deep ii 2009 wrist watch (Aquatimer Deep Two) is worthy its heritage. The Deep diving watches number Two (Aquatimer Deep Two) born in 2009 is no doubt a inheritor of the GST Deep One.

In 2009, a new generation of Aquatimer chronometer again revealed the decision of Schaffhausen IWC wanting to occupy the leading position in mechanical watch making industry by its accuracy, reliability, complexity, and a large number of technical improvements. The most obvious changes of this watch and the overall size becoming larger is the external rotating bezel embedded sapphire glass. Under the Rotating bezel there adopts the Super-LumiNova®* luminous thick coating processing to make sure that it can still be clearly read diving time in the case of insufficient light and poor visibility. External rotating bezel is very thick, even with a thick glove you still can easily implement counterclockwise rotation and press to make its security in place. Armed with the quick-change system, now the wearer without using any special tools also can replace the stainless steel bracelet with rubber or fastening strap in seconds. You can wear your IWC watch on the diving suit by only using the fastening strap.

In 2009, the IWC launched its first diving watch made of precious metal: 18 k red gold style of Aquatimer wrist watch. There is no doubt that the most striking features of the Aquatimer Deep Two wrist watch is equipped with sophisticated machinery and depth gauge.

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IWC Watches: Reviews on Da Vince IW459306 Watch

iwc replica watches
iwc replica watches

At the 12 o’clock position of the watch there sets with a moon phase display window, and in the window, the blue background on behalf of the night sky is matching with a silver round moon and stars, below the moon phase display there are marked the IWC brand logo. The watch crown is exquisite small, with semi-circular design, modeling is more rounded. The crown is made of stainless steel and the side is treated with a non-slip texture for easy operation.

IWC Da Vince IW459306 Watch is equipped with blue crocodile leather strap, the blue hue and the watch dial blue Arabic numerals time scales and blue steel pointer is in the same strain. The watch Strap is equipped with stainless steel pin buckle, which is more secure and safe. Movable ear design makes the strap more ergonomic, more fit wrist. This IWC Da Vinci watch is equipped with 35800-type self-winding movement, whose power absorbs from the wearer’s wrist swing, and it can provide 42 hours power storage, while the watch has 30 meters waterproofing depth. And the watch bottom is engraved with “flower of life”, “Flower of Life” is a geometric modeling which is composed of multi-overlapping ring, and Da Vinci is studied in depth. This styling reflects his relentless pursuit of aesthetic and proportional mathematical rules, but also symbolizes the design of the new Da Vinci watch series – the combination of creativity, technology and aesthetics.

Summary: IWC Da Vince IW459306 stainless steel watch is official offer for 63,300 RMB, compared to the red gold watch and diamond watch models, it is more in line with the low-key modern people who likes Da Vinci series to show temperament. Blue crocodile leather strap, as if the blue sky blue moon phase background, with blue steel hour, minutes, second hand, the whole watch presents a harmonious blue color, which is elegant and charming.

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Swiss Watches: The use and collection value of watches

replica yachtmaster rolex
replica yachtmaster rolex

The value of a watch has two aspects: the use value and the collection value. The former is concerned with functional usefulness, wearing comfort, and reliability of daily use. In terms of the extension to match the wearer’s clothing can be categorized as wearable. The latter is directly reflected in the market price of the watch. A matter of fact: What kind of watches are more collectible? Or, in other words, what kind of watch is more valuable?

The simplest answer is up to the market. You can have your own values, but due to recognized collection value of anything must be recognized by enough collectors who would like to pay for it. Therefore, the correct values must be directly linked to the long-term market quotation. Generally speaking, first you have to buy, and then can collect. Let us assume that most collectors are wise and show their value in terms of actual trading practices, so that there is a market. Fundamentally, the market is based on the majority. The number of clocks and watches on the market is enormous, especially in the low-end. It has been supported by the vast majority of ordinary consumers and watch lovers, a few individuals will not buy it at all. But the high-end market, due to the supply are relatively small in quantity, is indeed likely to be manipulated by a small number of large trader. No matter it is manipulation or speculation, as long as it is persistent, it is also reliable market conjuncture. In particular, as a representative of high-end watches, Rolex has always been very competitive.

Of course, the market price is not everything, such as the rolex replica swiss. Because there are some watches that has a high value but no price which is referred to “the city is priceless”. For example, you must often see many kinds of watch King dispute, lists of the top ten most expensive watches, those are based solely on the highest price, or, more actually, on auction records. But there are large numbers of supposedly more expensive watches are absent. The reason is that the watch owner doesn’t want to sell it at all. It’s just like the most expensive painting is definitely not the painting with the highest record ever.